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Welcome to the the new Revolution Remaps website, brought to you exclusively by Revolution Motorstore.

After many years of research we are proud to bring you the latest development in ECU remapping and Chip Tuning. Founded in 1997, Revolution have won numerous awards over the years for customer service, product range and we were voted the UK's best Retailers in 2010.

2011 was no exception, as we picked up the Audi Driver International Gold Award for best Independent Accessory Supplier.

Whether you're looking for increased fuel economy to combat today's every rising fuel costs or wish to enhance your driving experience by increasing Torque and BHP for safer overtaking or track day enjoyment - we feel we offer one of the most comprehensive packages available in the UK today.

Don't forget, as one of the UK's most experienced performance parts specialists with huge stocks of exhausts, filters and other tuning products, we are truly a one stop shop. With 1000's of vehicles listed on our database and the Staged upgrade options available for most vehicles we are sure there is a Tuning solution to suit your needs.

Stage 1 Remap

Custom Tuned Remap to optimise your vehicles power & torque while still returning excellent MPG.

Prices from £299

Stage 2 Remap

With the emphasis on increased power & faster acceleration your Remap is tuned to match the modified parts installed to fully compliment the more performance driven vehicle.

Prices from £699

Stage 2+ Remap

For those wanting to enhance on a Stage-2 Remap we have the following options available.

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Stage 3 Remap

Designed for drivers who regularly attend track days, sprints or just looking to maximize their vehicle to the full.

Prices from £1199

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